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Deep Sanitation Cleaning Calagry

Deep Sanitation Cleaning

Calgary Home Cleaning
Calgary Home Cleaning

Kristel Pro Cleaning Services offers deep sanitation cleaning services for commercial and residential in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We are a professional home cleaning company in Calgary. Our disinfection & sanitization service ensures the safety of our clients and their loved ones. We effectively and efficiently eliminate the risk of COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria in your home.
The task will be scheduled once it has been approved. The customer will need to communicate the sanitation schedule day to all family members or employees and to clear their desks to the greatest extent possible. For Deep Sanitation Cleaning, please remove all food and containers from refrigerators during sanitation days. We will vacuum carpets before and after sanitation, and spray them with sanitizer as we leave. Here are some common tasks:
Sanitizing all desks, phones, chairs, keyboards, and screens at all workstations.
• Your sitting area, open space, or conference rooms, tables, chairs and carpets will be sanitized.
Kitchen area will detail clean and sanitized countertops, cabinets, microwaves, refrigerators inside and out, and vending machines.
• Also AC vents will be vacuumed throughout the home or office.
• Doorknobs and any type of furniture handle will be sanitized.
• All surfaces, including walls and fixtures will be sprayed sanitized.

Note: Price will be fixed once we receive your checklist

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